NEW BOOK: The Angel

The cover of "The Angel"

My newest book, The Angel, was just published by Option Books. It's a short story set in the world of cave diving.

I’ve never been scuba diving. It seems nice, though. Pick a locale in the Florida panhandle, or off the coast of Mexico. There’s plenty of clear water, beautiful fish and sunlight. Surface in seconds whenever you’d like. But who the hell wants to go cave diving? Trapped underwater and under rock. No radios. No communication. It’s one of the few places where technology cannot help you. I just can’t understand the mentality that brings divers to attempt that kind of challenge. My hope is that neither can anyone else. It makes that world a great place to tell a story.

For years, my focus has been on stories that could be told under the constraints of low budget filmmaking. The Angel emerged in direct contrast to that. Shooting in caves, under water and in tight spaces is just not something you want to attempt without a significant budget. Even with a very large budget, it’s miserable. Ask the cast of James Cameron’s The Abyss. This short story was liberating in that I was free to truly explore. I was free to describe something I will never experience, and never film. Unless you want to give me a lot of money to make this into a film. Then, let’s do this.

My approach to The Angel, and to writing in general, is pretty simple. I hope I can explain it by describing an experience I love: rewatching movies with friends. Watching an amazing film for the first time is a truly great experience. I’ll never be able to watch The Empire Strikes Back or Jurassic Park the same way I did the first time. For me, an equally great experience is rewatching that film or tv show with other people. Rewatching The Usual Suspects or Game of Thrones with the uninitiated is wonderful because I know what’s coming, and they don’t. I get to both anticipate what I know is about to happen, and have this rewarding existential experience with my friends, who don’t know what’s about to hit them. It’s great!

Writing is the same experience for me. It’s walking through Blockbuster (R.I.P.) and selecting the experience I want to go on with my friends. Now I consider you a friend. So I look forward to coming over again and sharing another experience with you.

You can now find The Angel in Amazon here. It's about a thirty minute read. I hope you enjoy it.

- Micah