The Time of Gods and Monsters is Come

Does it seem like the summer tentpole season starts earlier every year? If that bothers you, buckle up. The success of the long-in-development Deadpool basically guarantees that it will start in January now, and probably be R-rated. I’m not necessarily against the soon-to-be trend. Deadpool was great! And with the exception of a few awards season hangovers, January and February are usually a dumping ground for bad studio films.

As I write this, Batman v. Superman is about to hit theaters. It signals the true start of tentpole season. The sheer amount of variables Zack Synder was juggling in making Batman v. Superman was incredible, and somehow he pulled it off. He delivered an entertaining film that featured everything fans would want in a showdown between DC Comics' two superstars, while setting up the Justice League movie. It’s a bit more dour than some audience members will enjoy, but it delivers on action and spectacle, the two most important ingredients in a DC movie.

The real triumph of the film was balancing all of the heroics with a capable villain. Jesse Eisenberg was amazing as Lex Luthor. The perfect mix of smart, crazy and diabolical. There will probably be some critics who bring up issues with the film's sheer amount of wanton destruction, but it's balanced out with enough entertaining stuff, it's hard for me to complain.

Oh, and this movie is going to make oceans of money.